Charles Geanangel (September 25th, 1937 - Nov 9th, 2012)

Chuck visiting Brazil in 2008

Today we say goodbye to a great birder, educator and long time friend of the conservation community in Florida. Those who got the opportunity to know him will tell you about his passion for birds and conservation. He served in various boards including the Audubon of Florida, Sierra Club & the Lake Region Audubon Society. He spent great time educating people about the beauty of nature. Even with his illness, he managed to setup a table along the trails at Circle B Bar to teach the visitors about the wildlife in the preserve. He was involved in bird counts and was the e-Bird moderator for Polk County.

We'll miss him.

The website below was one of his beloved projects. Each bird has specific information compiled by him. One of his requests was to continue this website. In his honor, the LRAS will continue to update his work for years to come.

Thank you, Chuck.

The List
List follows Clements 1991 order (mostly)

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Tyrant Flycatchers
Crows and Jays
Thrushes, Bluebirds & Robins

Mockingbirds Thrashers/Catbirds
Chickadees and Titmice
Old World Sparrow
Siskins and Finches
New World Warblers
Tanagers, Grosbeaks,Dicksissel, and Buntings
Blackbirds, Grackles, Bobolinks, Cowbird and Orioles
Polk County Bird list
About Charles Geanangel



There are 300+ species of birds found in Polk County.

About Polk County, Florida...

At 2,000 square miles Polk County, is as large as the State of Delaware and is located in interior central Florida between Tampa and Orlando.

Terms defined :

The Ridge is the Lake Wales Ridge which begins north of Haines City and follows U.S. 27 south through Lake Wales and on to Highlands County.

Saddle Creek Park, (SCP) a 750 acre County park is located east of Lakeland.

The Green Swamp, about 500,000 acres, which is located in the northern one third of the County.

Abandoned orange groves are scattered throughout the central part of the County.

The active Polk Phosphate Mines (PPM), clay settling pits and reclaimed areas are in southwestern Polk County. Unless otherwise noted, high daily counts are from here.

Orange groves and phosphate mines are temporary in nature and locations change from year to year. All groves and mines are on private property. Permission must be obtained from the owner before entry.

Abbreviations used...

Lakeland Christmas Bird Count (LCBC)
Lake Wales Christmas Bird Count (LWCBC)
Saddle Creek Park (SCP)
Polk Phosphate Mine (PPM)

Birds listed by the State of Florida as E (Endangered), T (Threatened), or SSC (Species of Special Concern)

* indicates that the species is a regular breeder in Polk County.

Where to Find the Birds
Circle B-Bar Reserve, Lakeland
Saddle Creek Park, Lakeland
Sumica Preserve, 10 miles east of Lake Wales
Tenoroc Fish Management Area north of Lakeland
Mosaic (IMC-Agrico) Peace River Park, south of Bartow
Gator Creek Reserve, north of Lakeland

Colt Creek State Park , north of Lakeland

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